The University of Cantabria is a young and active academic centre with a strong commitment for research and academic excellence. It is currently ranking among the best universities in Spain, especially in scientific and technological research and transference of knowledge. 

The UC confers a wide range of official degrees within graduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. The UC provides students with a wide range of resources, enabling them to acquire an allround Education.

The scientific work developed in the UC is high-quality and some of its research groups are to be found amongst the leaders at an international level in their area of knowledge.

The International Institute for Prehistoric Research of Cantabria (IIIPC) is a University Research Institute of a mixed nature, created at the University of Cantabria in 2004, and sponsored by the Government of Cantabria and Santander Bank.

This is a centre of excellence, impelled from the rich archaeological heritage of Cantabria to the exterior, intented to become a reference point for scientific-technical research in Prehistory, in both its basic aspects (knowledge of societies of the most remote past) and its applied ones (in particular the conservation and development of Public Archaeology).

Apart from its scientific activity, the IIICP has always showed a great concern on the collaboration with other institutions and particularly on the outreach of the Prehistoric heritage.