Creative Europe is the new EU programme aimed at supporting the cultural and creative sectors. It brings together the former Culture 2007-2013, MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus programmes. 

The programme priorities are to strengthen the sectors’ capacity to operate transnationally; to encourage innovation and creativity; to strengthen the sectors’ financial capacity; to strengthen policy making and to promote the transnational circulation of works and operators and reach new audiences in Europe and beyond.

As a Creative Europe Culture Sub-programe funded project, Common Cultural Connexions has aimed to improve the access of new audiences to the shared cultural heritage of the three European partner regions. It has provided a range of new oportunities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to become involved, learning about their heritage and encouraging a sense of place and belonging through an understanding of our shared past. 

The Project has shown, through an innovative mobile exhibition, the long-term cultural and social connexions between the three partner countries, looking at evidence from the Palleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 

It has facilitated links between schools and groups in the partner countries to share information about our common heritage reducing cultural and social barriers to involvement. The schools can connect through the etwinning platform and moreover the project is creating teaching materials and resources which can be used beyond the life of the project. 

The CCC's project  has engaged with new audiences, including people with disabilities and underrepresented groups by providing a hands on approach to understanding cultural heritage, and overcoming intellectual, sensory and physical barriers by ensuring suitable learning activities and resources designed for all levels of ability, all disabilities and taking our resources out to the audiences.

The Project involved partners from the UK, France and Spain, all of which have experience in cultural heritage, education and outreach, and have experience in working on collaborative European projects.