During a very cold week in January 2016 the team went out in Brittany to collect data from pre-historic sites for 3D visualisation. Below are a few of the sites recorded.  

You can see the 3D images of the sites Here


St Mayeux (Plenee-Jugon)

The first stop of the day was the chapel dedicated to St Mirel which stands between two Menhirs, the chapel having been built there to christinise the site. The team undertook  Photogrammetry using cameras and the drone.


The Chapel of St Mirel

One of the standing stones (Menhirs)  near to the chapel



Recording the first Menhir using the quadcopter drone


Fixing the camera on the pole to undertake photogrammetry at the top of  the second Menhir on the other side of the chapel

Setting up the drone to record one of the Menhirs



Recording the Menhir using a camera on the end of a pole



  using the quadcopter drone to record the chapel

Dolmen de la Loge au Loup (Dolmen of the lodge Wolf)

Recording the dolmen



Standing stone with a cross on the the top standing at the side of the road visited early on a cold misty morning giving it an eerie mystique


Menhir de la Tremblais (St Samson-sur-Rance)

This Granite Menhir is over 6m long and leans considerable to the east.  It contains carvings  and has a series of horizontal bands on it consisting of lightly juxtaposed rectangular figures, some with internal cupmarks. At one time it was said that young people would slide down the stone and if they did not fall off they would marry within the year.  There is quartz vein running diagonally across it's face which was believed to be the Devil's whip.

Some of the markings that can been seen on the Menhir


Preparing the quadcopter to fly over and around the Menhir to record it