St. Mary's Primary School

The CCC mobile exhibition visited St. Mary's primary School in Southampton where 100 pupils of year 3 enjoyed the Discovery Bus workshops and learned about our Common Cultural Connectiona in Prehistory. 

All skins, cofessions and backgrounds together enjoying and learning about the Common cultural Conections of our ancestors. 


Great Oaks School (Special Education Needs school)

The CCC mobile exhibition visited the SEN Great Oaks School bringing the knowledge about the Common Cultural Connections of our ancestors to children who have very few oportunities to approach museum or Cultural exhibitions. 

The CCC team of archaeologists adapted the workshops ofered by the Discovery Bus to the special education needs of every group of pupils. 


About 50 children of 10 to 14 y-o, enyoyed the workshops and activities delivered by the CCC team of archaeologists. 


A very nice day with lovely children and their tteachers.